Declaration Day

by Bastard Nation

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2016 release


released March 18, 2016

all songs & lyrics by Bastard Nation



all rights reserved


Bastard Nation Speyer, Germany

Bastard Nation started in late 2000 in Cologne but moved after some line-up changes to Speyer, Germany.
The band released two demo CD's in 2003 and 2005 and a full length album 'Birth of a Nation' in 2008.
The latest album 'Declaration Day' was released in spring 2016.
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Track Name: Mary Celeste
A ghost ship in hiding
Mystery upon open sea
An amazing tiding
Of a journey un-free
Riding on the wave
Aided by tailwinds sheer might
Fortune favours the brave
Taut sails through the night

Destination unknown
The hand of fate leads the way
Damnation on the go
Grim Reaper harvesting

They are damned by the curse
Of Mary Celeste
Banned on high seas as uninvited guest
Fearing the Ghost
Of Mary Celeste
Driven by hatred in a dead-hearted chest
Daring their lives
On the Mary Celeste
As ghostly forces bend down the mast
Threatened by the wrath
Of Mary Celeste
Caught in a wet grave for eternal rest

Oh, Mary Celeste
Will you find peace on your quest?

Throwing caution to the wind
Captain Briggs sets the course
When all hell breaks loose
Adrift in an act of force
Tying their own noose
Icy claws rupture their souls
Mary climbs out of her tomb
The night swallows their howls
Track Name: Another World
You feel sad and quite exhausted
Loneliness – your only friend
And your whole life now lies broken
Shattered fragments, it’s the end
Your spirit’s willing but your flesh is weak
You taste the poison and rest yourself in peace
Having pictures in your mind
Leaving all bad things behind
As your blood’s running colder
(And Blood is running colder)
Escaping from reality
There must be a better place to be
Listening to voices in your head
From – Another world
Freezing wind blows right inside the
Wounds as they are open wide
Closer to the end with every breath
You finally close your eyes

There’s none as blind as those who won’t see
Just taste the poison and rest yourself in peace
Having pictures in your mind
Leaving all bad things behind
As your blood’s running colder
(And Blood is running colder)
Escaping from reality
There must be a better place to be
Follow the voices in your head
Into – Another world
Track Name: The Master Of The Seven Seas
Ships are crashing into another
No rest before one crew is on the run
Defeat the enemy for plunder
The pirate attack on the sea – has just begun

Two hundred throats are crying
No prisoners, no mercy - for the dying
Sabres clash, Fight it out - in the open
Grapnels fly – death is in the air

A desperate bid, jump into the fray
This moment becomes the longest day
Shots that hit their ship on the side
The mast is now food for the flames
“Surrender!” – The enemy crew vanquished
They fought like lions but now leave them behind
Blood money they have to pay
Lord have mercy – the sea shall be their grave


You are a real buccaneer hero
Adventurer on ship planks
You are one of the daring pirates
The Master of the Seven Seas

You fought hard – you fought well
You may sleep – you may find your hell
A great victory so now take a bath in gold
On the horizon a sail can be seen
Maybe a war galleon – maybe our curse?
Track Name: Black Fleet
Run, run, you better hide
Here comes the “Devil’s Bride”
Floating to the open sea
Flotsam of your destiny
Taut sails ´gainst the strongest blow
Many, many years ago
Now it’s just a misty vision
Or the truth, it´s your decision
It’s coming over you
Your fears you cannot hide
Evocation of the evil
Fear and fright
Black fleet on a white sea
It’s getting nearer, getting faster
Black fleet on a white sea
A never-ending nightmare of disaster
Pale moon is shining on the shore
Everyone’s nightmare comes once more
A deep bell rings throughout the night
Here comes the “Devil’s Bride”
The Lighthouse saw it first
Approaching with a Vampire’s thirst
Floating to the bay
Bringing darkness and decay
Track Name: Desert Son
The wind and the sun
United they stand
As his journey begun
They took him by the hand
Ride on, son of the desert
The legacy of ancient times
Keep up, son of the desert
The constant in a changing world
Ocean of sand beneath the sky
A blue firmament up to the world’s end
Under a red, a merciless sun
A prophet rose his protecting hand
The tides of fate are changing fast
Sand storms etch away all hope
Forsaken plains – they will last
The journey will be cut like a rope

Led by deep faith and pride
He stands so mighty and grand
With true belief on his side
He is a king in an open land


Scorching heat burns the soul
Every breath is filled with pain
Journey on - reaching the goal
Hunger shall not have been in vain
Beams of the sun blinding the eyes
Misguiding illusions - one by one
God granted him a thousand lives
The kismet of a lonely desert son
Track Name: Rising Fortune
You sit in your wasted black room
Frustrated ‘bout all the bad things that just happened
Just leave me alone - now

No one hears your desperate cries
And you find out that all they have told you are lies
Foolish lies

Suicide - Solution
Try to resist
The call from the other side
Life - or Death
Don’t you think twice
There is no reason to die

When you think all hope is gone
Have the strength to carry on
(Feel the power deep inside)
Through the dark and never-ending night
Out of darkness comes the light
(That leads you to the road of fortune)

Realising it’s time for a change
Arranging all memories you have in your mind
So don’t be a fool
Track Name: Awaken The Bastard
We are banging, screaming, roaring
We are living for the scene
We believe in – metal madness
Our unity is strength

Much blood, sweat, and tears
Forever we’re motion
Can not stop the – metal comrades
Rebellion is law

Now the time has come
For revolution
In unity awaiting
Our resurrection
Together we will fight
Against all routine
So better be prepared
For salvation

Rise and shout
Bane and devastation
Rebirth and recreation
Scream our call
All night long
Hope and pray
Final seal is broken
Bastard son’s awoken
Hear our call

Forward, faithful, honest
We believe in our way
Team spirit – metal chances
Prejudice is cursed

Ruthless, fearless, godless
We travel the road again
Never stop those – metal comrades
United till the end
Track Name: Varangian
The Norsemen arise from the distant shores for glory and for gold
To the battle
Fighting foreign wars to crush their foes and raze ‘em to the ground
Set off
With animosity heading out to overrun the untamed land
They cross the line of the river Danaper - into the enemy lands

Ruled over Kiev and Novgorod
As they demanded Constantinople

No army stopped their raids
Blazed a trail through ancient lands
In todays foraged Russian plains
They built princedoms with their native hands
And with pride in their hearts
Crying battle calls to capture foreign lands
Byzantium heard them roar
In Miklagard they sealed their fate

As they attacked Constantinople – war and bloodshed everywhere
Forced to fight in Miklagard - Byzantiums heart - no mercy will be granted
Warriors break through the enemy lines to end the slaughtering
They lose the war through their own fault – ending their ascendancy



Blinded by greed they fight on an on - walking straight into the trap
Hail Tyr
The god of war leaves them behind abandoning their fate
Varangians show no mercy - the path they choose until their downfall
Byzantium strike down the hordes - sealing their defeat



Sail to the horizon - will you ever gonna reach your shores again?
Stand for Odin's glory - all attempts of conquest were in vain
Steel meets steel - Norsemen swords against Byzantine scimitars
Their destiny is sealed - Valhalla won’t await them
Track Name: Mean Mistreater
Only evil intentions
You’re rotten to the core
Insult - your main infection
Stupid child - nothing more

Hey, “Mr. Know-It-All”
Your “wisdom” shall be told
But you don’t know the first thing
Your brain must have been sold

Mean Mistreater – Deceiving all the time
Mean Mistreater – You ain’t got no life
Mean Mistreater – Hate is all you feel
Mean Mistreater – So f*** off and die!

Dumb beyond belief
Don’t talk no fucking rot
A closed mouth draws no flies
Just in case you forgot

A waste of gene material
An accident of birth
On your destructive mission
Compassion has no worth