Birth of a Nation

by Bastard Nation

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First full length album of BASTARD NATION, initially released in April 2008 as CD - now also available as download here on bandcamp.


released April 1, 2008

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Björn Daigger & Fabian Pospiech in April/May 2007 @ Noisechamber Studios



all rights reserved


Bastard Nation Speyer, Germany

Bastard Nation started in late 2000 in Cologne but moved after some line-up changes to Speyer, Germany.
The band released two demo CD's in 2003 and 2005 and a full length album 'Birth of a Nation' in 2008.
The latest album 'Declaration Day' was released in spring 2016.
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Track Name: Point of no Return
Uncle Sam
Did call
And now your back’s against the wall

You fight hard
In this hell
And you better do it well

Start to run
And try to hide
Maybe you can turn the tide

You better win
It’s no use!
This combat you should not lose
So here you fight alone now
Way too much to your regret
Standing right at the frontline
With the enemies ahead

Will you run or will you hide?
Will you live or will you die?
Who decides?
All the thoughts you have in mind
Insanity enclosed please find
As you pass the point of no return

You look
The barrel of a gun

Let’s face
The end
As the Reaper takes your hand
A soldier at the crossroads
Targeting with bated breath
Surrender now or never
Desert or loyalty till death?
Track Name: Dark Reign
Welcome the new world
Where black and white unite
There is no war and pain
Utopia – in sight
Don’t you trust his words
He’s playing the devils’ game
Trying to blindfold you
Subjugation – his only aim

Dark reign
A million slaves ruled by one master
Dark reign
In misery and pain
Dark reign
All your souls are damned forever
Dark reign
Endless fear – his gain

You sold your soul
It’s his private property
For all eternity
His servant you will be
Don’t you comprehend?
You are now in Evil’s hand
Sold down the river
Your hourglass – running out of sand
Track Name: Devils Daughter
Can you see the light – a lightning in the dark
Can you feel the painful overture?
Now it’s … time to feel – just what you did to me
Your deadly breath on my neck - I can’t endure

All you are is pain
Play your deceitful game

So, you are my slaughter
You are the devil’s daughter
The deuce is the one who brought her
My curse, the devil’s daughter

It is … over now – this love is dead and gone
It was an evil dream – to be with you
Now it’s… time to see – just what you did to me
Raping my soul is all that you do

You rule with pain
In your evil reign

But it’s not over now
I swear I will return
I’ll cry for revenge
Track Name: Emperors Fate
Over 80 years Christians had held Jerusalem
Then the infidels recaptured it again

And so the Pope proclaimed a new Crusade
With one hundred and fifty thousand men, Barbarossa tempted fate

So he started his march
On a torturous road
To free the Holy Land
In the name of the Lord
With the sign of the cross
Many battles were fought
In lands far away
So far away
Far away from his home
Fighting far away
Far away
Away from his home

As they reached the river Saleph, he crossed it on his horse
Falling down into the water, his heavy armour made him drown

And he started his march
On a torturous road
To free the Holy Land
In the name of the Lord
With the sign of the cross
Many battles were fought
In lands far away
So far away
Far away from his home
Dying far away
Far away
Buried far away from home
Buried far away from home
Buried far away from home
Track Name: Kill the Lion
For many centuries
Men with different sets of belief
They lived together in peace
But a religious war came
Without any qualms
They started to destroy
The Kingdom of Heaven

Out of nowhere they came to lay claim to our land
Conquered and devastated, got our people under their command
Regard themselves as nobleman, but let us nail this lie
They will show no mercy, when you hear their battle cry

From the West
Across the sea
They brought us pain and misery
Led by the cross
And greed of gain
Taking the name of thy God in vain
Barbarian pack
Wounded our pride
The greatest evil - far and wide
We'll let you pay
For all your sins
We'll fight you back, coz - who dares wins!

Kill the Lion
Kill the King
Let our anger be tenfold
Scream it out, don't hold your tongue
This slogan must be told

Kill the Lion
Kill the King
A sight to behold
Free the land, no more suffering
Joint forces will be bold

We treated you with respect, but scorn was our reward
Religion ain’t based on hatred, is that the will of God?
Your Ten Commandments – start to read and learn
Tried our patience too many times – now the tables will turn
Track Name: Killing Spree
Hard cured blood is cleaving on my cold hands
A river of sweat is flowing down my forehead
Anger and pain – this is my motivation
I came to bring some hell

Am I the chosen one?
Will I become a holy man?

Just another killing spree
On another bloody day
To bring democracy
Where violence is routine

In the name of God I shed your blood
To punish all your godless actions
Peace and honour – my final destination
I thought I’d rest in heaven, but now I burn in hell!

Oh God, what have I done?
Is this what you wanted from me?

Just another killing spree
On another bloody day
To bring some liberty
Where violence is routine
Track Name: March or Die
He tried to flee from the past
So he joined the foreign legion
Disembarked to no man’s land
He went through hell on earth
Stand, fight – no mercy will be shown
We must hold at all costs
This ruin in holy desert sand
As long as we can breathe

Legionnaire – March or die
You ain’t got nothing to lose
Legionnaire – Fight ‘til death
Not for pride and not for glory

Aim and fire, reload your rifle fast
You have to kill with each shot
This assailing horde must be stopped
Hundreds of enemies as far as the eye can see

Hounded through the desert plains
Merciless, the sun burned on his skin
One hundred soldiers left the fort
The half of them died on the march

With only a bunch of men
He holds the line – back-to-back
Killed in a crossfire – in a strange land
In loneliness the legionnaire died
Track Name: Vinland
Standing restless on the ocean side
Can not resist the call of the waves
The Norsemen have to start another ride
The perils of the sea will decide their fate

Far away in the Northern Arctic Sea
A stormy wind set the ship off course
The dragon longboat found its destiny
Ice-free woodland - hallowed ground
Sail to the horizon
Reach the shore
Glory for Odin!
Hear them roar
Take the fertile soil
Into your hand
The birth of a nation
All hail for Vinland!

Feeling warm sunlight on their skin
On the horizon their sails appear
They sailed through storm and many heavy winds
As they reached the coast of the unknown land

No other man should stand in their way
Listen to the sound of clashing steel
The Vikings are finally entering
Girding themselves for the battle


Take the fertile dirt into your hand
In the green valleys full of trees
Deer and goods for a settlement
Exploring the riches of this land

Grab your shield, hold your axe and spear
New territory to be seized
Take what you want from the natives
Praise this gift, hallowed be Vinland!
Track Name: Bastard Nation
There’s a riot in the air
Good old fighting with some flair
Rising tension everywhere

Spill some blood, in duty bound
Good old people on the ground
Screams of anger in the air

Yellow teeth crash ‘gainst the walls
Someone’s got you by the balls

Living in a Bastard Nation
Living in a Bastard Nation
Living in a Bastard Nation
Living in a Bastard Nation

Chaos’ raging in the streets
Dirty guys do dirty deeds
Burning cars, a violent scene

Roll your eyes and look inside
See the blur inside the light
Yes, it’s true… you’re a bastard, too